After School Program & Holiday Program

Over the last 10 months we  have been running a kids yoga and mindfulness course throughout Wellington . This course offering has had a very positive reception from both the children who have participated and their parents.

We are wanting to spread the benefits of kids yoga & mindfulness beyond the studio to reach other institutions working with children in Wellington. We are passionate that all children deserve to have the opportunity to discover for themselves the mindfulness and movement tools to come to know themselves in a fun, safe environment aimed at helping each child recognise their own unique gifts waiting to be expressed in the world, and for overall better health and wellbeing of New Zealand's children.

Such practices instilled early have the potential to support an individual for a lifetime. We believe that offering children yoga & mindfulness is essential, especially as the demand for mental health services for young people and adults is at an alarming high in New Zealand. Mindful wellness practices from a young age can help a child throughout the many challenges that they will face in the transition from childhood to being an adult. 

We are now offering our Yoga & Mindfulness one-off sessions and/or a full term of sessions to any interested after school program and Holiday Program here in Wellington. This could involve one of our Kids Yoga teachers coming to your location (bringing with them what yoga props are required) to facilitate either one of:

  • Yoga & Movement Max 15 students, 1 hour session
  • Yoga, Movement & Mindfulness activities Max 15 students , 1.5-2 hours

If either of these types of sessions are of interest, we'd love to hear your thoughts and to discuss how you may like to include yoga and mindfulness in one of your Kids Holiday Programs in 2018.