Kids Yoga NZ owner Jess with her Son

Kids Yoga NZ owner Jess with her Son

I started Kids Yoga NZ in early 2017, I was drawn to kids yoga as a mum looking to help my son who was experiencing episodes of anxiety at the early age of 3 years.  After talking to other mums and looking online, I quickly discovered tools such as breathing exercises, guided meditation, and mindfulness exercises which I thought could help him (and me) deal with his anxious feelings in his everyday life. 

When he turned 4 years old, I started practicing kids yoga with him at home, initially using what I had learnt online and from friends.  We now have a regular routine of yoga and mindfulness exercises after school and then a night-time routine of breathing exercises and meditation, something that we do as a whole family. All of these things have helped him (and me) feel calmer and happier about the stresses of life especially a big event like when he started school.

 I decided that I wanted to be able to help other children to learn yoga and mindfulness and share the benefits we have seen. So I completed yoga instructor training with Rainbow Yoga Training focusing on training children.

Since completing my training early in 2017, I have been teaching kids yoga classes here in Wellington at a local pre-schools, school Holliday programs, weekend classes, festivals and private classes to kids aged 2 years to 16 years old. I've also run some kids yoga pop up classes at local events and mindfulness workshops for parents, caregivers and children.   

In early 2018 I completed me 200 hour yoga teacher training with Hot Yoga Wellington.


Hi, I’m Sasha. I’m a mum of two; Bodhi and Mala.  You’ll often see Mala joining in my kids yoga classes; she loves yoga (takes after her mum) and sometimes tries to take over running the class!

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for about 20 years. I was first drawn to kids yoga teaching a decade ago when I was teaching English to kids in Thailand and so I did the Sun yoga kids teacher training in Bangkok in 2008. I completed my 200CYT yoga teacher training with Power Living in 2016 and take opportunities to keep training with wonderful teachers whenever I can.

I run some kids yoga storytimes at Wellington libraries in my day job.  I have also helped to run kids meditation classes at the Bodh Gaya Buddhist Centre in Island Bay. I have been enjoying teaching kids yoga classes here in Wellington with Jess since earlier this year.