This has been the best class for my little one! She always says I LOVE yoga and asks when we can see Jess again! Jess has a natural ability to calm children and let their very best selves shine. Excellent class for teaching children mindfulness, kindness & looking out for their peers and physical confidence. Thank you Jess
— Amy G
Jess has a special way with kids, patient beyond belief, she makes each class fun and keeps them engaged. Kids warm to her easily and listen to her. You might think your child won’t listen or focus enough for a yoga class, but Jess structures it in such a way that it’s easy for everyone to enjoy. There is yoga but there are games too (where yoga is combined with running around) or even crafts (like mindful time colouring or making a squeezy stress ball to take home), yoga poses inside fun obstacle courses. I could go on and on because each class has been different and my daughter has loved them all. My daughter has been hot and cold on gym or sports, but did not hesitate to insist she wanted to sign up for another term of Yoga with Jess. Great news for me because it’s also an optional drop off
— Penny M
The yoga classes have been a tremendous help for my 4 yr old boy who is just a ball of energy. I’ve seen him improve each week and be able to concentrate a lot better each time. Jess is so wonderful with the kids and puts so much effort into planning each class with fun activities. Can’t wait to return next term
— Carol B
I totally recommend this class. My boy gets frustrated very easily. And learning the breathing techniques have been so helpful to avoid the battles. He self-soothes now. It’s great. Highly recommend
— Sam A
I have noticed big changes in my 5 year old daughter since she started kids yoga with Jess. My daughter naturally has a lot of energy and sometimes has trouble containing it but with each class I notice her being more at ease, relaxed and able to quiet her mind and control her energy. She loves coming to yoga classes and being able to contribute by using her imagination with the yoga stories Jess takes the kids through. Another cool aspect as a parent is being able to join in! Thoroughly recommend
— Gabby E
We want to thank Jess for her Yoga classes taught to Chanelle and her classmates in Rm 1. Chanelle would often show and tell us what she had learnt in Yoga and the breathing and stretching techniques practiced. Chanelle learnt a range of strategies /exercises and healthy lifestyle choices such as having fruit in the morning. Chanelle had a lot of fun in her Yoga class and we appreciate the work & time Jess has dedicated to her classes. We wish Jess all the best with her Yoga and that she is given many more opportunities to share her talent & gifts
— Simon & Winy
My daughter is so lucky to be teach yoga by Jess. She said Jess is very kind person, and an awesome yoga teacher. She always waits for the yoga time in her class every week and also practices it at home with me as the student. Thank you Jess for the opportunity and the wonderful time you give with all the kids
— CZ Mom